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Looking to produce content on the radio?
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We have a wide reach and a huge listening audience that makes us perfect as the best radio show.

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Digital Media

Looking to advertise your business?
Use our media services.


We deliver the best radio services so that you
can reach a large base target audience.


Reach a wider range of an audience
make your voice known.

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"They are the best in the industry. They will give you the right guidance and help you take your business to the next level. "
Rose R. Adams

We are the largest radio performance spender in Raleigh NC

We are the biggest radio performer in the industry for a reason. Our listening base is huge.

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Getting the Ball Rolling on Your New Small Business

Quitting is usually what makes a small business bite the dust. It’s not the reason so much for quitting but the fact that the person quits. It is mostly normal …
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Radio and Television advertising

Radio and Television Advertising Benefits For Small Businesses

Radio and television ads can be cost-effective marketing tools for businesses. Radio advertising is fast and easy to produce, while TV commercials need lengthy production times. Furthermore, radio ads are …
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