If you want to take your site to a higher level in business, then learn how to create a user friendly environment. This is where so many inexperienced IM marketers make many mistakes because they are not aware of all they need to know, or they just don’t do it. Along with this you must have proper behavior tracking in place so you can measure results. The rest of this article is all about being user friendly to your market audience – so pay close attention.

Many inexperienced webmasters usually do not put enough thought into their font choices, but the ideal approach is to use those web fonts that are considered standard use fonts. Just take a look at the major news sites and you’ll see the fonts are easy to read and smooth looking. It’s not necessary to load up your site with so many kinds of fonts for each little section, etc. Most experts will recommend no more than four different font types, but this depends on how much information your site has and the general layout. So just stick to one type for the content and then maybe a few others for specific areas such as headlines and maybe the sidebars.

Placing a link to your contact page is essential and it’s not just for your readers. Search engines will look for these pages and figure that into how they want to rank you, and other important reasons are those times when you may submit your site for listings. Other reasons could be if Google gives your site a review by a live human, and then things will look better. Don’t be afraid to use your business address and other details because so many sites do not do this.

Take advantage of various graphics and images because you can use them in a way that helps with readers. If you understand how to select the best ones, then you’ll be able to keep people engaged. What you also want to do is make them look good in your content for the best effect. An image always looks very lonely when there is no caption, and smaller font makes people slow down and read it. You’re using valuable space in your blog with content, so make the most from any graphs, photos or anything else you stick in there. Making your business blog user friendly is a high ROI effort because that’s what it can lead to. You can send all the wrong traffic to a well optimized site and still make zero cash. You need to get many things right aside from this issue, so it’s not a silver bullet.

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