Laptops are basically a smaller portable version of a desktop. Now even though it is convenient to bring your laptop where ever you go, a laptop’s performance may be a little slower than the traditional desktop computer, and if you are running power from a battery, much more short “on time”. Laptops originally was never meant to replace the desktop computer, but now there are laptops called “desktop replacements” being created. Each new generation of laptops are more powerful and is catching up to their desktop counterparts. New Laptops today usually come with the latest software for general access computing, gaming, and Internet access. Laptops, because of their easy access and mobility are the most convenient computers to use today; you can do basically almost anything with a laptop that you can do with a desktop computer.

Since laptops are more flexible, mobile, and almost as powerful as desktops, laptops outsell desktops in the market. Laptops are now everywhere across the world; with people at work, at school, on the road, airplanes, and college campuses, and is used by people of all ages. The first laptops were released to the public around the time of the 1980’s, but laptops as a new technology did not grew into popularity until around the 1990’s. Laptops over the course of time have come a long way, and many laptops now even offer the incredible realistic feeling of a full sized desktop keyboard. Laptops have flexibility for high action software such as gaming, and are almost or just as powerful as their desktop counterparts. How powerful you want your laptop may come down to just how much you want to spend on a laptop.

Wireless electronics is the wave of the future, so when you is searching to buy your laptop you should be certain to buy a laptop with wireless equipment built in. Wireless access will give you higher flexibility because you do not have to stay within a single spot at any time or place. Many laptops now today are equipped with built-in wireless hardware for Internet access for Wireless Internet hot-spots. Many college campuses offer wireless Internet access to their students throughout the entire campus. Wireless access also now is available in a continually growing number of locations of business and homes across the USA and other countries.

Laptops are sold in several types of categories based on weight, size, height and brand. Laptops are not usually assembled by the companies that are selling them but instead by the manufacturer. Even though in most cases laptops are more convenient than a desktop computer, there still may be some functions a desktop computer may be able to do better than a laptop. Laptops definitely are a part of technology history the world is very grateful for, and will especially be more so in the future as laptops improve.

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